Customer Testimonials


“I was surprised at how quickly Clipp-Aid® sharpened my clippers and how clean it left my blades.”

Ruby K, General Manager
Travis Air Force Base Barber Shop





“I love it when a product does what it says it will. Our barbers that have used Clipp-Aid® find that regular use keeps their clippers sharp and reduces the time it takes for them to give a haircut. The barber makes more money and the customer has a more comfortable experience.”

Tom H, Operations Manager
Military Barber Shops





“I really love your product!  One of my clients has really thick hair.  I used Clipp-Aid® on one of my old blades for my Wahl Seniors and the blade just cut through his hair like butter!  I couldn’t believe it!!!  I already shared Clipp-Aid® with other stylists and my partners, and they loved it too!”

Eric, Stylist
Salon Owner and Co-Founder of World Wide Beauty Exchange




“I would recommend this product highly.  I really love it!  It is the greatest thing since the sharpening wheel.  I love it so much I already recommended it to other barbers I know!”

Al, Shop Owner
Al’s Barber Shop




“This is a terrific product. I think what you are doing is great!”

Debbie, Stylist
Malana Beauty Salon




“I have already used Clipp-Aid® a couple of times. It seems to work pretty well! It really sharpens my blades!”

Ronald, Stylist
Jermain’s Barber Shop




“I use Clipp-Aid® on my T-outliners, my Seniors… It allows me to keep the beauty supply stores out of my pocket. No need to buy a new blade, just sharpen your blade with Clipp-Aid®. It works!”

Travis, Stylist
Kingdom Kutz Barber Shop




“I don’t have to wait for anybody or go anywhere to get my blades sharpened.  That’s what I love about Clipp-Aid®!”

Willis, Stylist
Urban Cuts Barber Shop




“I think this product is great!”

Diane, Pet Grooming Salon Owner
Groomingdales Salon




"I am so excited about Clipp-Aid®! I use it on my clippers and trimmers. I no longer have to send out my blades to be sharpened, which allows me to save so much money on blade sharpening!!! I can sharpen all my blades right here in my salon. I love it!"


Kim, Stylist
Premium Pet Foods and Grooming




"This is such a cool product! I was very skeptical at first because I am so accustomed to buying new blades. But wow! It really works and it only takes a few minutes every couple of weeks to get my blades sharpened."


Emil, Stylist
Exit 44 Barbershop




"This is a great works really well! I get the most out of my blades using Clipp-Aid®."


Tony, Stylist
Visions Barbershop