Will using Clipp-Aid® cause damage to my clippers or trimmers?

Our research shows no risks or damages to clippers or trimmers with the proper use of Clipp-Aid® products.

Is Clipp-Aid® sand?

No, Clipp-Aid® is not sand.  Clipp-Aid® is specially formulated crystals that are made out of natural ingredients.


How well does Clipp-Aid® work for my trimmers?

Trimmer blades are more sensitive than clipper blades. For trimmers, it is important to remove any dirt, dust, grime and other debris from between the blades after using Clipp-Aid®. We recommend using blade wash or removing the blade from the machine.


Can metal blades really be sharpened in seconds?

Yes, we made the process for using Clipp-Aid® as simple as possible. Follow the "simple steps" instructions to sharpen your blades and see the results in seconds.


How frequently should I use Clipp-Aid®?

For normal use, we recommend using Clipp-Aid® every 2 to 3 weeks.  New blades require less frequent use.  Also, the frequency of use depends on how often your clippers and trimmers are used.


Does Clipp-Aid® work on old blades?

When first using Clipp-Aid®, how old the blades are does make a difference. Blades that are over 5 months old are duller blades. We suggest using Clipp-Aid® 2 to 3 times in a row to get those blades sharpened. Follow the Simple Steps on the product label or website. Once sharpened, you can transition to using Clipp-Aid® every 2 to 3 weeks to keep their blades sharp. Clipp-Aid® will extend the life of your metal blades.


Does Clipp-Aid® work on new blades?

Blades that are up to 1 month old are sharper blades. As the blades are used more, they get more dull. Clipp-Aid® will keep the blade sharp. You will notice when the blade becomes dull because the dull blades will snag your clients' hair.



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